The Go-To Partners for Your Commercial Property

At TF Property Solutions, we specialize in maintaining the pristine condition of your commercial properties. Our dedicated team excels in grounds maintenance and janitorial services, ensuring a clean, orderly, and aesthetically pleasing environment. Our commitment to these services reflects our core values of respect, integrity, and compassion, striving to create a workspace that fosters employee satisfaction and motivation. Choose us for a partnership that prioritizes the upkeep and cleanliness of your commercial spaces.


We provide supervised labor for nearly every task in your facility from unloading inbound product to loading outbound product and help with most steps in between. Our closely supervised loaders and unloaders make sure your inventory is handled with extreme care according to your specification. We ensure that product flow through your building is safe and efficient.


Cleaning bathrooms and mopping floors is a major burden for your staff. But for TF Property Solutions, janitorial services are our specialty. We employ a team of professional cleaners that meticulously clean and sanitize bathrooms, offices, hallways, and more! Keeping your office, church, education center, or distribution center clean is a MUST in today’s environment.


Don’t have a grounds crew on staff for mowing, mulching, weeding, and overall lawn maintenance? Then look no further than right here! Our standards for excellence not only extend to the surrounding greenery but also to the parking lot and sidewalks, where our team sweeps, removes all trash, and power washes every avenue into your building.


Not every job in your organization requires an in-house team member. With our temporary labor services, we can fulfill your business requirements on an as-needed basis. We stay on-site and oversee the entire work day of our team members, which means you don’t have to monitor their activity or worry that the job isn’t getting done. Because when we say we’ll do something, we do it!


When we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it!

TF Property Solutions offers commercial services throughout the United States. Our purpose is service. We are committed to exceeding our customers expectations and building a culture of servant leadership within our organization, while partnering with our customers to offer innovative solutions for their challenges. With T & F, a promise made is a promise kept.


For years, we’ve been perfecting our services with a focus on safety. All of our professionals are highly trained, skilled, and licensed to work in various points throughout your company, and we intend to keep it that way. It’s our belief that when you put safety first, you put people first.


We provide well trained friendly energetic hard working reliable service professionals. All of our employees are background checked prior to beginning work.


We do all we can to accommodate every request we receive. We are in our customers facilities around the clock 7 days per week doing our best to exceed their expectations.


Every morning before most of our customers start the day, our managers are onsite reviewing our work and providing feedback to our service providers. We find and fix problems before our customers know there is one.


Our customers can expect the best customer service possible. Every customer is provided a single point of contact. We take pride in being the easiest service provider our customers work with.





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